Content? What Content?

Let’s talk content.

For “Proabled Not Disabled” I want to really discuss and try to normalize proabilities for those with friends or family who suffer/have any of the special needs stated in my “about me” bio.  I especially want to help those who are trying to better understand their friend // family member(s).

My second objective was to create a RELATABLE blog for those with any of the said proabilities.  Saying this, I’ve been thinking of some different blog post ideas // content templates.  These are some of my ideas:

  • Proability Problems
    • This is where I would discuss problems with a certain proability, such as Anxiety or Tourette’s and then add a gif to show humor and of course make light of, while still having solid educational content.
    • Another idea was where I could discuss issues with people understand me and giving me accommodations, whether in school or in real life, etc.
  • Proability Advantages
    • This is the exact opposite of what’s above.
  • Funny Stories
    • Here, I would discuss funny stories that happen around my proabilities
  • Lessons I’ve Learned From Being Me
    • Witty, educational, etc. posts about lessons I’ve learned from having proabilities, etc..  I thought maybe some could discuss going to therapy and mainstream vs. specialized schools.
  • Random Rambles
    • This is where I’ll post some arbitrary facts about me, music, TV-shows, films, etc. that I enjoy as well as just some really nonsensical junk that one can either like or ignore.

So, comment down below with ideas or if I know you in real-life and you have me on Facebook then just send a quick message!  I’d also love to get some nice likes if that’s a thing on WordPress (obviously, I’m new).

I hope to start posting soon.


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