Advantages to Having Proabilities

In society, we are shown the disadvantages of having special needs.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there are many advantages that no one tells you about:

  1. Having an IEP (advantages: extra time on tests // exams, use to a computer // techie device in school, breaks, walks, time to study before test // exam)
  2. Having Sensory Integration Disorder (advantages: being hyper aware and perceiving everything around you–can also be a disadvantage at times)
  3. Having OCD (advantages: being able to memorize hundreds of songs and telling yourself to remember something and then, ACTUALLY REMEMBERING IT)
  4. Having ASD (advantages: skipping to front of lines // *specialized hobbies)
  5. Having Anxiety (advantages: being able to anticipate things, but can be paralyzing; mindfulness)
  6. Having Depression (advantages: developing skills to contextualize troubling observations and see both the highs in life and the lows)

*will make an actual blog post explaining and analyzing this 🙂


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