Specialized Interests: A Guide

Okay, so if you read my last post, I touched on specialized interests quite briefly.  In passing, I mentioned it and added an asterisk, meaning that later I would discuss it on a more thorough basis.


Specialized Interests are the thing people on the Autism Spectrum are sometimes the most passionate and intrigued about.  They are fixations per-say.

What Are Mine???

Over the years, I have had multiple fixations ranging from dinosaurs (circa 2003), sexual well-being (circa 2006) and now Deaf culture and American Sign Language and ableism (circa 2017).  Although my intense love for these topics has much subsided, I still have ruminates from when I was into such things, such as books, toys, artifacts, etc..

Let’s Talk About Currently:

For over 3 years have I been learning American Sign Language (aka ASL).  It started as a project to enhance myself and turned into a means of connecting with more people and breaking stigma against people who use ASL as an aid.  Now, I want to become an ASL Interpreter (aka terp) and sign everyday, any day.  My personal favorite is to sign songs with lyrics and interpret the lyrics into *ASL-PSE.

Currently, to fight ableism, I am writing this blog, talking about it and attempting to better educate my peers by simply discussing it on a one-on-one basis, using my own personal experiences to better explain, and I am also in Equity & Social Justice class.  If my terp dream doesn’t turn out as planned, I know I can always become an activist for other people like me!

More Common (some stereotypical) Specialized Interests:

  • Trains // Aircraft
  • Animals and Pets
  • Sports Facts
  • Really **weird things such as mushrooms, etc.
    • **being weird is something to be celebrated, not to be ashamed // afraid of.  Normal is something to be afraid of.  Always be afraid of being normal; it’s overrated.  The more weird, the better.

*Will explain this at a later date


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