Bullying At School :(

Hello all my P.A.N.D.A.s and new viewers of Proabled Not Disabled,

Due to school and life, I have not been able to post for the last month and a bit.  However, I will be trying to get back into a good schedule of posting soon 🙂

I began this blog, P.A.N.D.A., because I wished to reduce stigma around me and in the world in general.  Throughout this time, I have spent apart from writing, I have definitely still kept up with my beliefs of anti-bullying and positive attitude towards educating others on proabilities.  I say this, because this is a special blog post about what has happened in the past months.

To start off, I’d say that I’ve seen around ten incidents in my time off.  These ten incidents range from physical and verbal of students on the Autism Spectrum to mocking, staring and finger pointing.  Truth be told, my school is caring in it’s faculty, but not within the student body.  My peers constantly make reference to someone looking as if they have Cerebral Palsy; my peers endlessly imitate students who stimm.  And I am done with this.

Just in the past month, I have yelled at a grade 9, seen the principal and felt emotionally unsafe.  I am not writing this post to feel anybody’s sympathy.  I am simply trying to stick up for what I believe in and raise awareness for my cause.

Therefore, I urge all of my readers, old or young, to stick up, too, for what they believe in and do what they can to use their voice.  You can stop a fight or speak up or ‘snitch’—it isn’t true that they get stitches—or write like I am doing.  Anything.  So long as voices are heard in the most positive and considerate sense.

The idiocy of people will never truly be abolished, but knowledge will grow.

Signing off now.